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Welcome to SpineTeam - Your Naprapath in Luxembourg!

With the highest commitment, professionalism and accessibility, we can offer treatment, rehabilitation training and prevention for people with disorders of the spine, muscles, joints and sports injuries.

Naprapathic treatment

Naprapathic treatment combines manual therapy with nutrition and modalities. Manual therapy includes massage, stretching, training, screening, joint mobilization or manipulation.

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Sports Massage

Perfect recovery treatment for your body after your workout. Sports massage for sports injuries is an effective therapy. Pick an area of the body or a specific injury that needs treatment.

Corporate Healthcare

The most common sickleave is pain comming from the muscle and joints. Every tenth person has or will have back or neck problems, and from the working population 25% suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Health promotion is therefore the best investment you can provide for your company. To promote healthier employees SpineTeam can assist you!

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  • How can I book an appointment?

    You can call us or book an appointment online. Our goal is to give you an appointment within 24 hours.
  • What is Naprapathy?

    Naprapathy is defined as a system of specific examination, diagnostics, manual treatment and rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the neuromusculoskeletal system. The therapy is aimed at restoring function through treatment of the connective tissue, muscle- and neural tissues within or surrounding the spine and other joints. Naprapathic treatment consists of combinations of manual techniques for instance spinal manipulation and mobilization, neural mobilization and Naprapathic soft tissue techniques. The manual techniques are often combined with advice regarding physical activity and ergonomics as well as medical rehabilitation training in order to decrease pain and disability and increase work ability and quality of life. A Dr. of Naprapathy is specialized in the diagnosis of structural and functional neuromusculoskeletal disorders, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with problems of such origin as well as to differentiate pain of other origin.
  • Does it hurt to get a Naprapathic treatment?

    As a Naprapath combines different techniques such as adjustment, mobilization, massage, stretching, IF current, nervmobilisation etc depending on what symtoms the patients have the treatment can be painful. A treatment is alwayes made toghether with the patient therefore the pressure is adjusted to the limit that the patient can handle.
  • When should I see a Naprapath?

    You can come whenever you feel that you need help with your body. A Doctor of Naprapathy works both with acute - cronic and preventing pain. See if you can recognize any symptoms explained.
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